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Staff & Customer Incentives & Rewards

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Staff Incentives & Staff Rewards

Staff Incentives and Rewards are increasingly used as effective sales and workforce motivators and have become significant business tools, particularly in the Human Resources arena. This is hardly surprising, since competitive pressure and the pace of change have increased the demands on everyone at all business levels, and the performance of staff has become notably more integral to the success of the company.

Staff Incentives usually relate to the achievement of certain goals, either personal, team or organisational, or a combination of all of these; with an incentive given in addition to salary as a means of increasing satisfaction and motivation. A successful staff incentive scheme will see your business achieve your set targets, as well as see the following benefits:


Customer Incentives & Rewards

Customer incentives are a well-established and well received way of driving sales and building loyal relationships between your brand and your customers. Some of the more popular customer incentive and loyalty schemes include:

So whether you are looking to drive new sales through your company, build lasting loyal relationships with your existing customers, or attract new customers; a well run, targeted customer incentive is your answer.

Using gift vouchers and gift cards for customer incentives gives you a wide range of reward options to choose from. They are extremely flexible and often represent a more appropriate and thoughtful gift than cash bonuses and other rewards. There are single-retailer gift vouchers, gift cards and e-vouchers or multi-option vouchers that can be used in a variety of stores and restaurants. You know your customer so you can tailor your choice to reflect this. Or you can give your customer the choice which could make the incentive even more attractive to them.

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