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15 Oct 2021

Want to give a gift to say “thank-you” – do it quickly or you’ll lose the moment

05 June 2015 by Andrew Johnson

Want to give a gift to say “thank-you” – do it quickly or you’ll lose the moment
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As every good manager knows, it costs nothing to say “thank-you” but so often this simple gesture can be overlooked. And it’s no good remembering to say “thanks” two weeks after you should have, the moment has gone and whatever good-will you may have engendered has been lost for good. Meanwhile, the valued employee who’s just worked their socks off delivering an important report on time is left feeling resentful, disappointed and utterly fed-up. ‘Now might be the time to look for another job’, they’d be forgiven for thinking.

Likewise when you’re gifting it makes sense to think about how quickly that gift can be actually delivered. There’s many a moment in business life when a small token of appreciation in the form of a gift is appropriate. Our business supplies thousands of other organisations with gift cards and vouchers to do exactly that. Maybe a £20 Marks & Spencer gift card to say thanks for organising the company’s annual bbq. Received 5 stars in a customer satisfaction survey?  – great, here’s a £30 John Lewis gift card. But better deliver on that promise – otherwise the bbq everyone enjoyed so much might not find anyone willing to organise next year .. and those customer satisfaction ratings … oh dear, oh dear.

So saying ‘thanks’ always comes first and if you’re following up with a gift or reward then do it as quickly as possible. And that’s the inspiration behind our latest Instant gifting portal, part of the VEX Rewards platform. This is our self-serve e-voucher distribution platform available for business use. It puts the power in the hands of your managers to allocate discretionary and adhoc gifts to employees and customers alike. It’s full auditable with lots of controls governing who can issue gifts; how much they can gift; from where and when. Gifts can be sent instantly and once received can be exchanged immediately into retail e-vouchers like Ticketmaster and Topshop.

A new website introducing the service has been launched at which features a short video illustrating the benefits of instant gifting. Take a look and if you like what you see get in touch via the contact form. If we get chatting we’ll definitely say “thanks” and we may even send you a small gift by way of demonstration – instantly of course.

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